"Coltrane Dedication definitely approach JC’s music in the spirit of the man himself. I recommend their skilled and passionate updating of the Coltrane legacy to adventurous jazz listeners everywhere"
- Ian Mann, The Jazzman 2020

John Coltrane

The Coltrane Dedication Quintet is a collective of musicians who recognise the emotional power of the later music of John Coltrane and use those compositions as their own springboard for creating a powerful, engaging, passioned communication through improvised music.

Coltrane Dedication was borne out of coincidence and recognition; coincidence that the five original bandmembers were due to jam together and realised the gig was on the 40th anniversary of John Coltrane's death so decided to dedicate that night's repertoire completely to his catalogue, and recognition that the emotional platform that this exceptional music provides seemed somewhat buried. Why? Well, there is absolutely no doubting the integrity and execution of Coltrane's work, and his influence on musicians ever since, and well beyond the confines of 'jazz' music. We suspect it's about the fact that it is so emotionally charged that it demands much from both players and audience.

Coltrane Dedication is about taking the spirit of that great movement in music between 1960 and 1967 and laying it out in a 21st century context.

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Coltrane Dedication
 ... yn yr Amgueddfa
 ... at the museum
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Track List:
  1. Mr P.C.
  2. Basilica
  3. Lonnie's Lament
  4. Olé
  5. Acknowledgement
  6. Spiritual

Recorded live at Ceredigion Museum, Aberystwyth on 28th September 2019

Wed'i recordio'n fyw yn Amgueddfa Ceredigion, Aberystwyth, Medi 28ain 2019